Variable : Occupations reporting wage rates

Variables serve as the dimensions of nCubes, and are generally based on the questions on forms such as the census schedule. However, in the aggregate data held in the Vision of Britain system we do not store the individual responses but counts of the number of each kind of response, so variables are made up of categories, such as age groups.

Occupations reporting wage rates
Variable (V)
Wage rate data are available for a number of different occupations. Although the available data are divided into hourly rates and weekly rates, we define a single set of occupational categories: some occupations report both kinds of rate, and additional data may become available for new occupations, or for the other kind of rate.

Variable " Occupations reporting wage rates " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_WK Work and Poverty

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data:

Entity ID Entity Name
N_HOURLY_WAGES Hourly Wages Rates for Selected Occupations (Pence)
N_WEEKLY_WAGES Weekly Wages Rates for Selected Occupations (Pence)

Variable " Occupations reporting wage rates " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_WAGE_OCCUP_1 Angle-Iron Smiths
C_WAGE_OCCUP_2 Bookbinders
C_WAGE_OCCUP_3 Brass Finishers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_4 Bricklayers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_5 Bricklayers' Labourers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_6 Brass Moulders
C_WAGE_OCCUP_7 Cabinetmakers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_8 Carpenters
C_WAGE_OCCUP_9 Compositors
C_WAGE_OCCUP_10 Fitters
C_WAGE_OCCUP_11 French Polishers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_12 Holder-Up
C_WAGE_OCCUP_13 Ironfounders
C_WAGE_OCCUP_14 Lithographers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_15 Masons' Labourers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_16 Painters
C_WAGE_OCCUP_17 Patternmakers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_18 Planers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_19 Plasterers' Labourers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_20 Plumbers
C_WAGE_OCCUP_21 Riveter
C_WAGE_OCCUP_22 Smiths
C_WAGE_OCCUP_23 Turners
C_WAGE_OCCUP_24 Upholsterers