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This web site is designed to be used as a free, open-access resource available anywhere. It does not require registration or log-in for use of the majority of the site.

Our use of cookies

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Like many other web sites this site uses cookies to collect statistics about how people use the website. A 'cookie' is a simple text file which a website uses to 'request' information from your web browser, which is then returned and stored on the website.

All the data collected via cookies is anonymous. We do not collect anypersonal information with them and we cannot use them to find out who individual users are.

The cookie is stored on your computer by our server, but it is unique so it cannot be read by any other web site. We use 'session cookies' which track your movements during a visit to the site. They will remember your actions so you do not have to keep re-submitting information every time you move to a new page. They make the interaction between you and the web site quicker and smoother.

Third Party Cookies

When visiting our site you may notice some cookies not associated with our web site domain name on pages containing content from third parties. These third party web sites may also place cookies on your computer whilst you are using these particular pages. We use Google Analytics to track usage in order to help us analyse how we can improve the experience of site visitors and Doubleclick cookies to display advertisements which help towards the cost of maintaining the site. Click here for more information on the Google privacy policy.

Managing Cookies

You can control cookies through your browser settings. For more information about cookies and managing them please visit the Directgov web site.

Information we collect

Usage statistics are collected via Google Analytics as detailed above and via log files. The log files help us track down problems when things go wrong. Log files do not contain any personal information and are not used to identify any individual identifiable patterns of use on the site.

Feedback in the form of user comments, criticism, requests and suggestions to the team are retained to help us identify possible errors in our content, and to understand what users like and have difficulties with and what they want from the site, now and in the future. This information may also be anonymised for use as illustrative examples in impact and usability analysis reports and publicity materials.

External links

This web site does contain links to other web sites, some of which are commercial. This privacy policy applies only to our web site and users should acquaint themselves with the privacy policy for other web sites as they visit them.

We do not pass on any information obtained by this web site to any other site.

Changes to the privacy policy

From time to time this policy may change, please check this page regularly for updates. This policy is effective from 28th September 2023.