Names for administrative units:

These names were used for units associated with Scotland. Click on the links for details of the units and their names:

Name Unit Type Source
SCOTLAND Country (Dep) Great Britain Historical GIS Project
Nuts Unit Level 1 European Commission, Eurostat Website: GISCO database
Registration sub-District 1911 Census of England and Wales, Table 5, 'Registration Counties, Districts and Sub-districts with their constituent civil parishes. - Urban or Rural District in which each parish is situated; Area; families or separate occupiers, and population, 1901 and 1911; and population enumerated in Institutions, large establishments, and on vessels, &c., 1911'.
ST MARTIN Registration sub-District Registrar General, Annual Report (HM Stationery Office)
UKM Nuts Unit Level 1 European Commission, Eurostat Website: GISCO database

NB: These are all the names of all the administrative units which we have associated with Scotland, and you must judge whether all or even any of them are variant names for the place. They may well include the names of other locations or areas:

  • For cities, the associated administrative units will usually include parishes, especially ecclesiastical parishes, one of whose names is the name of the city followed by a saint's dedication, with just the saint's name as another variant. Parish names will sometimes also include "places" within towns.
  • Districts usually contain more than one settlement, and some districts had their names changed to take the name of a completely different settlement. As we link each administrative unit to just one of our "places", usually the last place the unit was named after, in these cases the name for a completely different place will appear on this page.
  • Similarly, a unit may sometimes be named after a particular settlement it contains and sometimes to indicate its location within a higher level unit. This was very common among British parliamentary constituencies in rural areas, one name referring to their main town and another indicating that they were in, say, the southern part of the relevant county.

Every name listed here is linked to the particular historical source in which it appears, but we cannot claim that these are all the historical names of Scotland, or that our references are to the first usage of the names. Similarly, we have tried to ensure that names included here are not transcription errors by ourselves, but it is possible they are the result of errors made when the historical sources were printed, or the result of visiting authors or census officials mis-hearing local names.

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