Arthur Young, A Tour in Ireland, made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778

Picture of Arthur Young

Arthur Young was born in 1741, the son of a Suffolk clergyman. He moved to London in 1761 and worked as a writer, publishing four novels. He moved back to Suffolk on his father's death on 1759. In 1767 he became the manager of a farm in Essex and experimented with new methods, publishing the results as A Course of Experimental Agriculture (1770). As he travelled around Ireland, his letters of introduction to very many aristocrats and gentry enable him to stay on many great estates: he often speaks of "the common people", but clearly was not one of them. He provides both a detailed account of farming methods and extensive social commentary. Vision of Britain currently presents only the first of two volumes, but this describes in detail a four month tour in 1776, visiting all parts of Ireland.

The following sections are available:
Title and Preface
19th to 30th June 1776: Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Westmeath
1st to 10th July 1776: Westmeath, Carlow, King's and Queen's Counties
11th to 20th July 1776: Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin
21st to 31st July 1776: Down, Armagh and Antrim
1st to 10th August 1776: Antrim, Londonderry and Donegal
11th to 20th August 1776: Donegal, Fermanagh and Cavan
21st to 31st August 1776: Roscommon, Sligo and Mayo
1st to 10th September 1776: Galway, Clare, Limerick and Cork
11th to 20th September 1776: Cork
21st to 30th September 1776: Cork and Kerry
1st to 10th October 1776: Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary
11th to 19th October 1776: Tipperary and Waterford